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Homepage #3

My confidence grew as the program went along, and I am really glad I learned this very valuable skill for the workplace.

Kim Snow, GIS Certificate Graduate

Homepage #5

Enrolling in this certificate program was a career changing experience.

Nahkia Henry, HR Professional Certificate Graduate

Homepage #4

He exclaimed that the program was “awesome,” and believed it “really helped” him with his work in animal studies.

Nick Barnett, GIS Certificate Graduate

Homepage #2

We must develop a positive vision, and these classes help us to develop that vision which in turn will help to create positive actions and events.

Carol Marut, SHRM Certification Prep Graduate

Homepage #1

Taking a course and exam doesn’t make you a guru, but it gives a better understanding of HR issues in today’s fast paced global world and your local one.

Justyna Davila, SHRM Certification Prep Graduate

Hard Data on ‘Soft’ Skills Learned in Professional Development

 It is extremely rare that any employee has sufficient technical or professional skill to excuse them from the need for so-called “soft” skills like a positive communication style.

Why You Need Continuing Education When Your Career Is Going Well

 When you have a career and it is going well, it can be tempting to ignore continuing education.


Continuing Education and Professional Development Between Jobs

Whether you have been subject to corporate downsizing, have taken time off to tend to family, or are voluntarily taking time between jobs, continuing education may be just what you need to learn new skills that will be valuable to your next employer.

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