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Christa Sterling
Director, Continuing Education

Christa is the Director of Continuing Education. She is a graduate of CCSU and loves working with customers to solve their problems and business needs and just talk with them. She has a background in marketing and sales and can’t believe she actually sold copiers! Bringing the business and academic community together is the best sales job of all! If you need it, we likely can help you get it!

She can be found outside in any season trying to master any activity. She loves the NY Giants and Yankees, her two cats, hanging out with friends and a good glass of wine. Maybe not in that order.


Judy Ratcliffe

Assistant Director, Continuing Education
(860) 832-2276;

Judy is the Assistant Director in Continuing Education, otherwise known as the organizational guru. Judy has many years of business experience and understanding client’s needs. She is known for her multiple lists and organization of data. If you have attended a class, you have met Judy. Her passion is getting everyone what they need and making it look easy. Judy will gladly help you pick your next venture with us.

She is a graduate of CCSU, her husband is a graduate of CCSU and her daughter is currently carrying the torch at CCSU! Judy can be found having a nice lunch with friends, taking in the neighborhood cats and visiting her kids.

Jessica Waldron
Marketing Specialist, Continuing Education
(860) 832-2218;

Jessica is the Marketing Specialist in the Office of Continuing Education. She recently earned her business degree from CCSU and is currently earning her Master’s degree at CCSU in Design Information. She manages all of the social media and digital platforms. Jessica is a talented artist in many mediums and with a business degree she has a unique eye for bringing artistic solutions to us and our customers. She is beyond her years in customer support. If you’ve needed help, you’ve talked with Jessica.

Her passion is cooking and eating everything that grows from the earth, especially potatoes. She can be found enjoying a good fruit & veggie smoothie, playing with her cat, Smudge, outside running or seeing the latest flick with her fiancé Josh.