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Character Strengths for Success - Coming Soon!






Marianne Fallon

Course Description

Socrates formalized the notion of educating the whole person, including one’s character. Educators such as David Levin (KIPP charter schools) and Dominic Randolph (Riverdale Country School) have revived this ancient idea and infused the curriculum with opportunities to develop character. They focus on the following strengths: grit (perseverance), self-control, optimism (hope), gratitude, zest (enthusiasm), curiosity, and social intelligence. By building character, you help your students develop skills to succeed inside and outside the classroom. In this class, you will learn how character building can permeate the curriculum and daily interactions.

Instructor Information

Marianne Fallon

Marianne Fallon, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Psychological Science at Central Connecticut State University. Dr. Fallon has published articles in Teaching of Psychology and has presented pedagogical research at the National Institute on the Teaching of Psychology, the Association of Psychological Science, and the Eastern Psychological Association. She has also authored Writing Up Quantitative Research in the Social and Behavioral Sciences with Sense Publishers. Ever mindful of student success, Dr. Fallon has mentored many undergraduates (several of whom have won local and regional awards for their research), founded the peer tutoring program in Psychological Science, and serves as the faculty advisor for Psi Chi, the International Honor Society of Psychology. She won the Connecticut State University Trustees Teaching Award in 2010 and has been named a finalist for Central Connecticut State University’s Excellence in Teaching Award twice.

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