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Educational Certificate in Student Success

Live Webinar Series: "Beyond Academic Skill Building:
How Sense of Purpose and Belonging, Growth Mindset, and Character Strengths Promote Student Success"

Connecticut’s achievement gap is one of the widest in the nation. As educators, we focus on building students’ academic skills, but recent research points to three non-academic factors that underlie student success: Developing a sense of purpose and belonging, cultivating a growth mindset, and nurturing character strengths. This webinar series will help educators learn how to build student success through these non-academic factors.

You can take attend all four live webinars and earn the Educational Certificate in Student Success or take one class and learn the knowledge from that course.

Each webinar is $59. If you attend all four webinars, the total cost is $195 for the series.

Introduction: The Trifecta of Student Success 2/28/17
Introduction: The Trifecta of Student Success 3/1/17
Sense of Purpose and Sense of Belonging for Success
Growth Mindset for Success
Character Strengths for Success

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