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Christa Sterling

June 28th, 2017

Computer coding is the use of programming languages to create computer programs, websites, games, and apps. Some schools in the U.S. have begun adding coding classes to their curriculums as early as the elementary grades. Teaching coding to kids has tons of benefits for them and for society as a whole. Here are some top reasons kids should learn to code.

1. Students are already tech savvy.

Today’s students have grown up with computers, smartphones, tablets, and other technologies. Most learn quickly and at a young age how to make the technology around them work for them, so a logical next step is to show them how to make it work by teaching them coding skills.

2. There is enormous and growing demand for coders.

The world needs coders to create the next generation of software, apps, and websites. The current supply of coders will not be sufficient to fill the positions that will be available in the next 10 or 20 years without an influx of new coders to meet the demand.

England and some U.S. cities like Chicago have begun to make computer programming, coding, or computer science a required subject for all students, and part of the reason for this is because of the growing demand for people who can code.

3. It will develop creativity and problem-solving skills.

Students who get involved in coding soon find that it isn’t easy to do. Things often don’t work the way you want them to, and students must find creative ways to solve coding problems. Even if students don’t eventually use their coding skills in a future career, they will use the problem-solving skills they learned through coding in whatever careers they decide to pursue.

4. It can expand their career options.

Coding is increasingly being made part of many career paths, whether it’s the author or entrepreneur who wants to build a website or app, or a department head that needs to understand coding in order to supervise staff that uses those skills. Knowing coding skills can open doors for students to move into those positions, or to build on knowledge gained as children and teens by going to college when they otherwise might not have done so.

5. It may prepare students for jobs that don’t exist today.

STEM jobs are growing faster than most other types of careers because of advances in technology—advances that increasingly depend on computer coding skills. These advances are expected to continue at exponentially faster rates, and students who can keep up with the demands of technology in areas like coding skills will only benefit by being hired more often and at higher salaries than their less technology-savvy counterparts.

CCSU’s Tech It Out summer program teaches students valuable technology skills like coding and programming to help them get a head start on a technical career or just fulfill their curiosity about how coding works and is used in so many of the things we do. Join our mailing list for more information about all our programs.