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Christa Sterling

June 28th, 2016

Business writing skills are essential in virtually every job.

An effective business writing course is beneficial for countless professionals across various departments and business sectors. Having effective business writing skills is essential for anyone who wants to build a reputation and position him or herself to move up to the next level. Here are some important skills you can acquire when you take a business writing course.

1. The ability to express yourself clearly.

One of the strengths of business writing is that it teaches people how to write clearly and make their points straightforwardly. You will learn to think before you write about what you want your audience to understand and how to read your own writing objectively to make sure others get your points.

2. A better grasp of grammar.

Good grammar is important; people judge professional correspondence and won’t take you as seriously if your writing contains mistakes in spelling, capitalization, and punctuation. You may see others writing less than perfectly, but you don’t always see the way it hurts their credibility when they make mistakes.

3. A leg up on the competition.

When your writing looks professional, you will stand out from the crowd and gain the respect of your colleagues and your bosses as well. When the time comes to promote someone, your reputation for professional, clear and correct writing will give the higher-ups confidence that you can handle the communication needs of your new position.

There are many different kinds of written correspondence needed in business communication.

4. Understanding the difference between writing an email, letter, memo, report and proposal.

Each type of correspondence has different objectives and needs to be written accordingly. A business writing course will teach the particulars of each form of communication and how to write each one effectively. Your written business communication will improve rapidly after these important lessons.

5. The ability to recognize your mistakes.

A business English course will help you review nuances of usage like subject-verb agreement and consistency in your verb tenses. In turn, you begin to realize when you are making more subtle mistakes in your writing. It’s true, your colleagues may not be able to identify your mistakes by name, but they will realize that something is not quite right and may be annoyed by it nonetheless.

6. The ability to revise your writing.

Once you know the mistakes you are making, you will be able to improve on your rough drafts. In addition, you will be able to help others improve their writing. Doing a favor for some of your colleagues (or even your boss) may gain you goodwill. It’s never a bad thing if someone owes you a favor sometimes!

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