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 Social Services & Criminal Justice 

CCSU offers continuing education programs for the criminal justice system and social workers. Our programs are taught by a variety of experts in their fields and distinguished faculty.

Social Services & Criminal Justice Programs

 The Basic Detective Certification course is part of the Detective Methodology Program which was established through a partnership between the CCSU Department of Criminology & Criminal Justice and the Connecticut State Police. The intent of the Detective Methodology Program is to provide a structured framework consisting of training, education and experience in order to ensure Detectives are qualified to investigate Major Crimes. The first step in this process is to achieve the Basic Major Crime Detective Certification. This certification can be achieved by successful completion of this Basic Detective Certification course. Detectives must pass a written examination derived from the readings and seminars provided in the course. The passing score for the test is 75%.


Releasing the Self: Paths to Inner Healing

Developed by Richard C. Schwartz, Ph.D. over the past 35 years, the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model is a sensitive, yet powerful method to enter and bring balance and healing to people’s inner worlds. IFS therapists’ help clients quickly locate and differentiate their Self, releasing a core of valuable leadership qualities that can reorganize and harmonize their internal family of sub-personalities or “parts.” In this way, clients form compassionate, trusting relationships with their parts, often resulting in a peace and unity that produces dramatic changes in their symptoms and interactions with others. As therapists learn to trust their clients’ innate wisdom and self-healing, they feel a sense of relief and release, and a new joy in the healing partnership.