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GIS Advanced (Level 2) Certificate

Course 3 GIS Advanced Applications

The GIS Advanced Certificate consists of 2 courses taught in the on-line/classroom hybrid format. Each course will run for 10 weeks (20 weeks for the certificate) during the spring and fall semesters.  The first course is GIS Advanced Applications. 


GIS Advanced Applications will cover the following information: 

Discussion of advanced practical applications of GIS in the real world, including crime analysis, geostatistical analysis and spatial analysis. Students accomplish a personal GIS project that incorporates database design and some sort of GIS analysis of their choosing.

Who Should Enroll

Anyone looking to build on their professional portfolio or existing skills in GIS. It is most beneficial to intermediate and advanced GIS users or for students who want to continue their GIS studies after completing the first certificate. GIS skills are often looked for in marketing, planning, sales and a number of other positions.

Students that have completed the GIS Essentials Certificate are eligible to take this certificate.

Students can attend just this course with the permission of the instructor.


Coming Soon.


Classroom and Remote

Central Connecticut State University

1615 Stanley Street

New Britain, CT  06053

Room:  TBD

Schedule, Costs & Contact

Dates:  TBD

Contact: Judy Ratcliffe;; 860-832-2276