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Christa Sterling

July 15th, 2016

Human resources certification has many benefits.

Human resources is a field that has experienced great increases in complexity over the last few decades. The regulations have grown exponentially, and the digital world has made choosing a job candidate easier in some ways and harder in others. It’s important for HR professionals to have a thorough education in both methods of hiring and the regulations that now govern the process of hiring and managing employees.

Along with the hiring process, HR professionals must have knowledge about how employees must be treated while they are employed, what benefits the company offers employees and how those benefits are administered, and what steps must be taken before an employee can be fired, should that ever be necessary.

Benefits of Human Resources Certification Programs

Although informal and company-specific training will probably be needed by most HR professionals, human resources certification programs standardize the training needed to work in the HR field and quantify it with an exam that shows concrete skills.

Many employers now require certification as a qualification for their open HR positions, knowing that anyone with certification has learned and demonstrated required skills. For senior positions especially, certification is required for most HR positions.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, organizations benefit from SHRM–CP certification by having the most updated information and skills about HR best practices. Being certified will make you a recognized expert and leader in your field, which will benefit your HR career.

SHRM certified HR professionals also earn significantly more than their counterparts who aren’t certified, according to a study by Certified HR professionals studied earned a whopping $20,000 more than those not certified. HR assistants who were certified were also promoted nearly twice as often as those not certified. 63% of HR assistants with certification were promoted within 5 years, while only 34% of those without certification were promoted.

Certified human resources personnel are more likely to be promoted with certification.

Help With Certification Exam Preparation

The process of certification includes a comprehensive exam which students must pass that details knowledge of HR principles, skills and competencies. Taking preparation courses can improve your performance on the exam by detailing which information you need to know and helping material come alive with effective teaching methods.

Central Connecticut State University has partnered with the Society for Human Resource Management to offer 35 course-hours of preparation and training to prepare students to receive certification. Four different but related subject areas will be covered in the coursework: people, organization, workplace and strategy, and behavior competencies.

A professional certificate program is offered at CCSU, consisting of six 18-hour courses in leading edge HR training and best practices. Courses can be taken individually or together. These courses are helpful for those who want to further their education or brush up on their HR skills.

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