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“No matter what your skill level is, you will learn from this course. You get what you put in, so if you work hard at the labs and projects, you will achieve something gratifying while strengthening your mapping knowledge and giving you a skill that not many people possess.”

Meet Mason Perrone!
GIS Certificate Graduate

Mason Perrone graduated from the Continuing Education Department’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Certificate Program at Central Connecticut State University in 2015. He currently works for the Town of Coventry, Connecticut as the Assistant Town Planner/Zoning Enforcement Officer and the GIS Librarian/Coordinator. He manages GIS data and sends it to those who need it, makes maps, and updates data layers regularly. When he was hired for the job, Mr. Perrone was attending the GIS program. He explained that the program gave him a “leg up” on his competition and made him more qualified for the position while providing him with the necessary knowledge to perform tasks. The GIS program helps students learn to analyze and visualize data to answer questions and solve spatial problems.

Mr. Perrone attended the GIS program to build on GIS skills he acquired in a CCSU graduate course. He was interested in GIS, and wanted to have strong knowledge of the skills to assist him in his career. His favorite parts of the course were the hybridization of the course and sharing articles and conversations with classmates to learn about the newest advancements in GIS technology. Mr. Perrone believes the program helped him “take a step up” in his career, and recommends the program to anyone interested in GIS. He explained that having skills in GIS opens multiple career opportunities. Also, Mr. Perrone wants anyone interested to know that mapping is a ton of fun!

If you are interested or want to learn more about the GIS Hybrid Certificate program at CCSU, please contact Christa Sterling at or 860-832-2277.

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