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Christa Sterling

October 4th, 2016

It’s never too late to enhance your skills and create a new beginning for yourself. CCSU’s Continuing Education program can guide you on any path you wish to take!

-Todd Larese



Todd Larese graduated from the Continuing Education Department’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Certificate Program at Central Connecticut State University in 2014. He currently works in the Eversource Energy Survey Engineering Department. Mr. Larese uses his GIS skills to manage the implementation of Real Estate GIS for Eversource. The GIS will include all Eversource fee owned parcels and Eversource easements which have never been digitized and captured in an all-inclusive system. With his abilities to use GIS learned at CCSU, Mr. Larese was able to create a new position for himself in the company. The GIS program helps students learn to analyze and visualize data to answer questions and solve spatial problems.

Mr. Larese joined the GIS program for multiple reasons. His department at Eversource was looking into creating an all-inclusive GIS for their Real Estate Department. They had a number of map books, but were forced to use an outside vender to create changes. They needed someone in the department who could make those changes “in house.”  As he started to research GIS, he found he couldn’t learn on his own and needed help. He began researching schools, and decided to go with CCSU because they were one of the only schools around that offered an in-depth program for GIS.

The GIS program was an ideal fit for Mr. Larese. The course and its instructors were very accommodating to his busy lifestyle.When dealing with work, kids, and other life events; he and his fellow classmates were still able to get the most out of the program.The instructors were open to teaching what he and his fellow classmates wanted to learn. While there was of course a set syllabus and curriculum, the instructors dove into topics that may have been largely discussed in class. Mr. Larese recommends the program to anyone interested in GIS.

If you are interested or want to learn more about the GIS Hybrid Certificate program at CCSU, please contact Christa Sterling at or 860-832-2277.