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November 14th, 2018

Starting a business seems so simple, but in reality there are many details to consider in order to comply with regulations and administrate in the best possible way. Businesses of all sizes need to hire employees to help them with their business activities, and HR best practices will make it much easier to do everything that needs to be done when employees are involved.

Another reason to learn human resources basics is in order to work as an HR representative at an existing company. Knowing HR practices will help a new HR employee get up to speed on what their job entails and give them a framework for how they can contribute to the department and company.

Federal, state and local regulations have made human resources a much more complicated field of practice than it ever used to be, so there is much to learn in order to comply with all of these regulations, which change frequently. A course taught by experts in the HR field can go a long way toward helping new business owners and HR staff learn the skills they need for this area.

HR Training Is Cost-Effective

It is all too easy to make HR mistakes that can cost your business profits and keep employees from being as productive as they could be. Fines for non-compliance with regulations are often costly, and employees who have not been treated in accordance with regulations could also file lawsuits asking for thousands of dollars in damages that a business will likely not be able to pay easily. HR training can prevent these losses and preserve profits, as well as help businesses run more smoothly with fewer problems.

HR courses can also help businesses plan their hiring and HR needs better and learn to think and plan ahead to cover these contingencies. Knowing how to scale up or down quickly as staffing needs change can save companies thousands of dollars in costs, including overtime, paying for staff you don’t really need, and a slow-moving hiring process that prevents important projects from being completed in a timely manner.

Continuing education

Start-up businesses often lack the HR skills that they need to hire employees.

HR Training Gives Confidence

There are many HR questions new staff or business owners have that trained instructors can help them figure out. How should they find quality applicants? What should an effective interview look like? What does an attractive compensation package look like? What benefits should they offer? These and many other questions can be answered by a good basic training course that gives specific information about HR practices.

The Society for Human Resources Management, or SHRM, offers world-class HR certifications as well as introductory courses that provide information for HR professionals and small business owners alike. CCSU will offer SHRM Essentials this spring to provide this introductory course for those just getting started in HR management. View open courses for more information on all the options we offer for HR professionals and many other areas of small business and HR management.