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CCSU Continuing Education is offering some online classes during this time when we are not on campus.  We are slowly transitioning some classes back to the classroom, but most of them are online. We’ve indicated online where applicable in the list of classes.  Please contact us if you would like to discuss any online options.

CCSU offers a suite of certifications and non-credit classes as well as customized training.  We utilize the expertise of our faculty, alumni and business partners to bring educational excellence to our business partners and their employees. Whether you are looking for continuing education credits, a professional certification or to enhance your skills, we have programs to suit your needs.








Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to enroll at CCSU to attend a continuing education class?

No.  You will be registering via the Office of Continuing Education for non-credit programs.  You will not need a CCSU ID or parking ID.

How do I register for a class and are there prerequisites for the classes?

Most of the non-credit classes do not require prerequisites.  Some classes may require you to have some experience.  If prerequisites are required, they will be listed on the class description page.

You register via the Continuing Education at

Who can I contact with more questions?

You can contact the Office of Continuing Education at:

Judy Ratcliffe 860-832-2276;

Christa Sterling 860-832-2277;

Can I offer this class at my workplace?

Yes. All programs can be delivered to a small group at any location.  Contact Christa Sterling in the Office of Continuing Education at Christa Sterling 860-832-2277;

Where can I get more information about a class?

You can check on the website at and the registration page at

Also, give us a call!

Judy Ratcliffe 860-832-2276;

Christa Sterling 860-832-2277;

Do you provide placement services with your courses?

No, the office of continuing education does not provide placement or career counseling services.  However, we occasionally have requests from placement organizations looking for our recent graduates, and we will forward this information to our graduates.

Do I need an ID to park on campus?

No.  There are several open parking areas.  In each class description a parking area will be suggested.  For some events, specific garages will be made available.  Refer to the program description for specific parking instructions.

Will I receive a grade?

No.  Continuing Education courses are not graded, however, in some instances you are requirement to meet specific standards and guidelines to pass the course.  The Office of Continuing Education can provide you with a letter stating you have a passed a course if your office requires one.

Can I obtain a certificate upon completion of the course?

Yes.  You can print out your own certificate from our website.

How do I get a paid receipt?

After successful payment, the system will provide you with a confirmation page which you can print.

Do you accept WIOA?

Yes.  If the program is approved by WIOA, you can apply to attend the program.   Please allow several weeks of lead time to receive approval from WIOA.

Where are the classes held?

Classes are held in a variety of locations on the main campus of Central Connecticut State University at 1615 Stanley Street, New Britain, CT and the downtown campus at 185 Main Street, New Britain, CT.  Check your individual program for specific locations.

Why do I need to create an account and where do I do that?

Having an account makes it easier for you to register and pay for your class.  Subsequently, you can always log into your own account.