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Impactful Presentations

This course enables participants to deliver presentations that meet audience needs and deliver desired objectives. Concepts and practice segments will address techniques for small, medium or larger scale presentation and audience sizes. Participants are encouraged to bring real time topics to the workshop in order to maximize their time and help them to prepare for upcoming presentations.

This course supports participants ability to:

Deliver presentations to a variety of audience types and sizes
Apply best practices for physical delivery skills both in person and virtually
Craft the presentation message to either inform, persuade or both
Complete an audience analysis to best understand their needs and therefore tailor the message and delivery for impact
Effectively utilize visual aids and manage logistical requirements
Handle questions and challenges

Session #1: Presentation Delivery Skills
Focus on delivery skills including eye contact, voice pacing and inflection, elimination of filler words, the power of pausing, the power sit and power stance, presenting virtually and in person. Participants will record themselves delivering a baseline topic, 2 minutes or less and receive observations from peers and coach. They will record themselves a second time to incorporate learnings from the session #1.

Session #2: Effective Messaging and Audience Engagement
This session includes proven messaging frameworks to inform or persuade, and a framework to analyze the audience.
Effectively managing Q&A virtually and in-person, how to diffuse a challenge, creating and showing impactful visual aids.

Who Should Enroll
Individuals needing to deliver effective presentations to a variety of audience types and sizes.
This class will be offered online and delivered as live sessions.
Schedule & Costs
Dates: TBD

8:30 am – 12:30 pm

Two four-hour training sessions.

Pre-work and homework will be required. For example, if the participants have a typical or upcoming presentation they would like to practice and prepare for, they can utilize this throughout the series.

Class access will be sent to the students.

Contact: Christa Sterling;; 860-832-2277.


Ms. Gina Ohanesian

Gina Ohanesian, founder of Performance Alternatives, has been a leadership and business partner to organizations since 1986.  With a broad background in organizational and leadership development, Gina has served a variety of clients domestically and internationally and has demonstrated expertise in the following areas: 

Organization Effectiveness

Executive Coaching and Business Consulting 

Strategic Facilitation and Team Building 

Leadership and Employee Development