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“CCSU gave me the basic foundation in educational theory, psychology, and technology-related subject matter which allowed me to forge myself into a successful educator.”

Meet Richard Strid!
Tech it Out Instructor & CCSU Alum

As a proud alum of Central Connecticut State University (CCSU), Rick loves teaching in the summer Tech It Out program! His class, ‘Beginner Level 3D Computer Modeling for Animation and Game Design’ is a big hit with the middle-school and high-school crowd as it introduces them to some of the basics of 3D computer modeling and animation. Rick wishes he could teach this course all year because it is all of the fun and exploration of a new subject – without all of the grading and pressure of testing!

Rick graduated in 2008 with a degree in Technology and Engineering Education and is thankful to CCSU for providing him the fundamentals to get a great start in his career. His student teaching program allowed him to work directly with elementary, middle, and high school students; giving him the familiarity he needed to succeed. Rick is in his ninth year of teaching topics such as architecture, engineering/industrial design, computer animation, woodworking, graphic design, robotics, computer systems, and automotive.

In his free time, Rick likes to build furniture, play guitar, make his own Halloween costumes, learn as much as he can, go hiking/camping, play video games, watch his favorite television shows and spend time with his friends and family. He has also traveled to almost every state in the country and has traveled across the United States by train and car. He has also been to Canada, climbed the mountains in Ecuador, stayed with friends in Japan, and lived in Seattle. He believes traveling helps people to, “appreciate this amazing planet and its amazing, diverse people.

If you are interested or want to learn more about the Tech it Out Summer program at CCSU, please contact Christa Sterling at or 860-832-2277.

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