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Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification is a cross functional experience to assist individuals in being able to utilize statistical tools and measures to reduce variation. 


Six Sigma Black Belt Certification is a cross functional experience to assist individuals in being able to utilize statistical tools and measures to reduce variation.  It is a 120-hour, 15-day program, with an open book test on the last day.  The content is designed to cover the majority of the ASQ Body of Knowledge. Students are required to have a project which the format allows participants to work on between classes, either individually or in teams, utilizing the tools learned.  This program is more extensive in nature to that of the Green Belt and much more detail is explored with each topic. The course follows the D-M-A-I-C model in the learning process. A list of topics is as follows:


Introduction to Statistical Thinking            Define
Six Sigma Concepts                                  Project Selection
DMAIC Process                                         Pareto Analysis
Concepts of Variability                              Initial Capability Analysis
Basic Statistics & Graphical Tools              Project Charter
Central Limit Theorem                              Project Schedules
Project Management                                 Team and Meeting Management


Measure                                                        Analyze
Voice of the Customer                             Histogram and Box Plots
Voice of the Process                                Run Charts
VOC/VOP Matrix                                       Hypothesis Testing & Confidence Intervals
Quality Function Deployment                   Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
Process Mapping                                      Determining Key Drivers
Data Collection                                        Potential Failure Mode and Effects Analysis
Measurement Systems Analysis               R&R


Improve                                                   Control
Process Flow Improvements                    Fundamentals of Process Control
Design of Experiments                             Variables Control Charts
Variance Components Analysis                 Mistake Proofing
ANOVA                                                     Attribute Control Charts
Process Capability Analysis                      Procedure and Control Plan Development Training



Who Should Enroll

Anyone interested in obtaining their Six Sigma Black Belt Certification.  


The constant real-life examples and scenarious that Lance would bring up were the most useful.  It was extremely useful to hear good/bad examples of the actual topics covered.  Fall, 2019

Lance is a true expert in the subject matter and is highly motivated to teach others.  Fall, 2019

 It was helpful for me to be able to bring in my issues and work through it, made topics very relevant.  Fall, 2019

Lance is a great communicator using many different methods to understand how to answer our questions in a forum we can relate to.  Fall, 2019

Excellent course!  Spring, 2019

Instructor is so knowledgeable.  Spring, 2019

He motivates discussion and brings examples from the real world.  Spring, 2019

Did a great job of explaining complicated topics so everyone could understand and was able to simplify complex statistical theories.  Spring, 2019


**This class is currently scheduled for the classroom.  We will keep you updated if we are unable to hold the classes on campus.**

CCSU Downtown Campus, 185 Main Street, New Britain, CT 06051

Schedule, Costs & Contact

Covid-19 protocols will be followed.

This is a 120-hour, 15-day program with an open book test on the last day.

Three separate weeks; Monday – Friday

February 22 – 26

March 22 – 26

April 19 – 23

 Lunch provided


Contact: Christa Sterling;; 860-832-2277

If you are a CT manufacturing company with less than 2,000 employees, not receiving other funding, you may qualify for 50% funding by the CT Dept. of Labor for eligible classes.  Complete the DOL Form and email to for approval prior to registering.


Lance Boynton

Lance is a Central Connecticut State University adjunct professor and CE Instructor supporting Continuous Improvement and Six Sigma Training, (Lean, Green Belt and Black Belt) for organizations throughout Connecticut.  During his work in industry, he has served on a variety of manufacturing panels and is currently the chair of the Northwest Connecticut Manufactures Coalition. Lance has been an invited speaker for a number of manufacturing, quality, continuous improvement and leadership initiatives. Having a passion for teaching, he is currently becoming a certified Dale Carnegie instructor.  Lance has held a number of senior executive leadership positions including COO of a global adhesives manufacturing company.