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Christa Sterling

January 24th, 2023

The Scholars For Life! Virtual Movie Club is an online forum where we meet with Professor Stephen Armstrong to talk about a series of movies. This spring Professor Armstrong will be discussing American films of the 1970s. Professor Armstrong leads the conversation with movie clips, questions and general discussion about the movies. Watch the movie before you attend the talk. You should be able to find these movies on Amazon or any other place you order movies.

Please register for each virtual talk so that we can send you any materials to review before the discussion. Each movie has a separate registration.

Make some popcorn and join us for a discussion! You can participate or just listen, but either way it’ll be a nice way to spend some winter evenings.

The 1970s were a fascinating period in the development of American movies. Movies explored content that had not be touched before. Exciting new directors, including Martin Scorsese, Stephen Spielberg, Robert Altman, and Francis Ford Coppola left the old studio system behind and created movies using new and innovative approaches. This series will explore six (actually seven) of the major films of the decade.

Session #1: The Godfather (1972) and The Godfather II (1944), directed by Francis Ford Coppola

Many say that they are two of the greatest films ever made. This is once case where the sequel is a good as the original film.

Session #2: The Last Picture Show (1971), directed by Peter Bogdanovich

A coming-of-age story in a small town in south Texas.

Session #3: Chinatown (1974), directed by Roman Polanski

A movie about fighting for water rights and much, much more in southern California in the early twentieth century.

Session #4: Taxi Driver (1976), directed by Martin Scorsese

The story of an ex-Vietnam veteran who drives a cab through the decadence and decay of New York City in the 1970s.

Session #5: Network (1976), directed by Sidney Lumet

A film about what happens to a television network when it begins to lose ratings.

Session #6: Apocalypse New (1979), directed by Francis Ford Coppola

One of the greatest war movies every made; the film explores the impact of the Vietnam War on individuals that fought it.