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Christa Sterling

March 17th, 2023

Esports has evolved from simple video game sport competitions to a driving factor in the video game industry, with many game developers actively designing and providing funding for tournaments and other events that provide student athletes with cash prizes and college scholarships. Competitions are now covered by ESPN; professionals are making millions of dollars and Division I universities have launched varsity E-Sports teams. E-Sports athletes have even been drafted for virtual teams for FIFA, the NBA and the NFL, with even the International Olympic Committee is considering including E-Sports in future Olympic events.

But how do you transform from a gamer to an E-Sports athlete? What are the rules for Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC) and collegiate teams? Learn the history of E-Sports and its most revered games, master the rules, and hone the skills needed to compete at the professional level with Rated E for E-Sports. Our Games Coaches will be training you to master the top E-Sports tournaments in Brawhalla, DOTA2, Freestyle 2: Street Basketball, and more, as they prepare you to explore educational opportunities in and around the game industry, with a curriculum certified by Microsoft

You will begin the week by learning about the history of Esports, the academic opportunities Esports affords students and the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC) and North American Scholastic Esports Federation (NASEF) rules for tournaments and Esports athletes. You’ll be able to play games, experience and exhibitions designed by students just like you and share them.

Each of these activities are taught by three experienced Technology and Engineering education professionals. Activities are STEM-based and focus on using engineering design and real-world problem-solving skills to solve problems.

Download A Parent’s Guide to Esports-

Prerequisite: None