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“CCSU is not just a place to go for knowledge, it is a place to go to enhance your overall life- the diversity of classes, the impeccable faculty, the remarkable staff, and the unique experiences and opportunities make it an incredibly special place! CCSU does not just produce graduates- it improves the world through people!”

Meet Thad Dymkowski!
GIS Instructor & CCSU Alum

Thad Dymkowski is currently a GIS Manager for Prime AE/3SG – a medium-sized engineering/architectural/technology firm. Prior to that, he spent seven years as the GIS/IT Technician for the Town of Newington, CT. Prior to that, he was the GIS Analyst for Fuss & O’Neill Technologies for nine years. With all of his experience in GIS, it is clear why Thad teaches the Geographic Information Systems Certificate Program for Central Connecticut State University’s (CCSU) Continuing Education Department.

Thad began his time at CCSU as a student. He started as a Physics Major, but after a year he found Geography much more interesting. Taking an introduction to Geography course made him feel at “home.” He switched majors the next semester and never looked back! Being a student at CCSU gave Thad the essential foundation and skills he needed to achieve future success, and allowed him to build a custom educational experience. It also taught him to be passionate about something and that he could also make a career of. Last, but certainly not least, CCSU exposed him to fascinating people and opportunities that he believes he could not have found anywhere else.

After, Thad decided he should give back to the geospatial technology industry and the CCSU community by sharing what he had been fortunate enough to learn through his experiences. He wanted to help people learn a new tool to use in their profession. Because he is so passionate about GIS and carries a deep admiration for CCSU’s Geography Department, he designed the GIS Certificate Program as a way to “pass the torch” to the next generation of GIS practitioners.

The program is unique because it takes a practical approach to learning and integrate both classroom and online learning. As Thad put it, the program also teaches students to learn the “how” as well as the “why.” He feels these skills are necessary in achieving long-term success in GIS. Because of this, the program provides students with the foundational pieces needed to establish a set of skills that they need to achieve both short-term and long-term success that they can use in their careers and education.

Thad thrives on making a difference in the world. He believes teaching GIS allows him to do that because it is a powerful tool that can be used to answer tough questions and solve difficult problems. He may not always see the final destination, but the potential change that his work can create makes it worth the effort. Thad wants students to remember that it is not just about geography, but how people are using it!

If you are interested or want to learn more about the GIS Hyrbid Certificate program at CCSU, please contact Christa Sterling at or 860-832-2277.

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