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Fun in Science! Biomedical and Genetic Engineering for Girls TBD 8th - 12th graders

In this course, girls will explore biomedical and genetic engineering and related career paths through interactive, hands-on activities. Using tools and techniques that are common in molecular biology and biomedical engineering labs today, they will learn about topics including prosthetics, genetic engineering, molecular biology and cloning.  They will also explore DNA fingerprinting, forensic science and crime scene investigation tools and techniques.

In addition, they will gain life skills such as teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking, communication and collaboration.

Additional highlights will include:

* A field trip and guest speakers from engineering and/or bio-medical companies.  

Throughout the week, there will be opportunities for the girls to speak with women in all stages of their careers, from undergraduate and graduate students to working professionals.

Forensics Week - Coming soon!
Test – course details here