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July 20 – 24



Waveform Warriors Level 2 6th - 12th graders

Go under-the-hood of the music production process, and learn about the true nature of sound! Dig into the sound design, plugin utilization, musical analysis, and music theory that will take your digital songwriting to the next level. In this course we’ll use FL Studio, a popular and powerful digital audio workstation that will carry you up into the later years of your producing career!

Computer Requirements:  PC with internet connectivity, FL Studio license (Fruity Edition or higher)

FL Studio is a digital audio production suite, perfect for folks who need a longer-term, professional solution to producing sound and music.

Helpful non-requirements: Over-ear headphones, computer mic (for communication/questions), mouse/keyboard (for laptops.)


Course cost:  $195

Materials cost:  FL Studio license is approximately $100