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Christa Sterling

November 14th, 2017

The cognitive benefits of lifelong learning are fairly obvious, but there are other hidden benefits to lifelong learning that may not be so easy to see. Here are some of the less obvious (but still important!) benefits:

1. Improved social skills.

Social skills are easy to forget over time, but being in a classroom learning situation with others can refresh and improve your social skills in a number of ways. Continuing education gives learners confidence so they can be more comfortable as a leader and a group member in their work situation or other areas of their lives.

2. A renewed excitement for your work.

Continuing education courses and other lifelong learning efforts can bring new ideas and strategies into your repertoire that can make you more excited to go to work every day. New things can be just what workers need to liven up their work days and get them more motivated to put in their 40 hours each week, as well as making those 40 hours more palatable and interesting.

3. A larger professional network.

Other highly motivated businesspeople are also taking continuing education courses to help expand their professional network. These learning opportunities can be valuable for building your network of professional colleagues, which is likely to lead to opportunities for more advanced positions or new challenges.

4. More opportunity for career growth.

Continuing education can qualify you for a promotion at work or for jobs outside your current organization, if you want to make a move. If you have aspirations for career growth, lifelong learning is the best way to achieve those goals (along with hard work, of course).

5. Better adaptation to change.

Exposure to more ideas and best practices in your field will make you more able to adapt to change—and change is inevitable in every field. Whether it’s expected automation advances or a new computer system, you can learn how to adapt to these changes and come out of them with a stronger career and a more positive outlook on your work and your life.

6. A stronger economic outlook.

Not only could engaging in lifelong learning earn you more money personally, but it can contribute to a stronger economy in your region or even nationally. Ongoing training and learning are necessary for keeping up with the rapidly evolving technologies of many job environments, which has a direct impact on the economy moving forward.

7. A longer career.

With 60 percent of jobs requiring post-secondary education by 2020 and up to 50 percent of jobs becoming redundant because of automation by 2025, continuing to learn may help you to remain relevant in your career and keep your job for the long haul.

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