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Christa Sterling

April 26th, 2017

A Harris poll showed that 70 percent of American employees thought that having strong presentations skills was critical to their success on the job. Still, many professionals are fearful of making presentations and avoid them because they don’t have the skills they need.

The following are some professional benefits of strong presentation skills.

1. The ability to get jobs and promotions.

Professionals who don’t present well are less likely to get the jobs and promotions they want. Job interviews are very similar to a presentation in many ways, and being able to out-present the competition is essential. Similarly, many upper-level jobs require presentation skills, so you will be evaluated, even informally, on whether you have the necessary skills before a promotion is given.

2. The ability to represent your company and products well.

Even if you aren’t in sales, you are in some ways. Everything you say and do in public and in the community reflects on your brand, so having strong presentation skills will give you, and your company, the credibility you need to hold onto and increase market share.

3. The ability to avoid miscommunication.

Miscommunication is a major cause of stress and problems in the workplace. Being able to present yourself clearly and well will help you avoid miscommunication, which will make the work environment less stressful. It will also give you a leg up on the competition to be able to say what you mean and mean what you say.

4. The ability to be brief and to the point. 

Brevity may or may not be the soul of wit, but the fact is, people appreciate someone who doesn’t waste time talking for an hour when they could say what needs to be said in 15 minutes. People naturally gravitate toward those who don’t bore them, and who respect their time and don’t waste it.

5. The ability to be a leader. 

Strong presenters are leaders. If you want to be a leader, strong presentation skills aren’t just nice to have, they are absolutely necessary. Your presentation skills can guide and direct your team and inspire your colleagues to do their best in the work they do.

6. The ability to express the best of yourself. 

Have you ever thought that you don’t express yourself to others nearly as well as you do in private? Developing your presentation skills will allow the best of what’s inside you to come out so that others can see the real you all the time. Bonus: You will be able to show the real you to your family and friends better, too.

7. The ability to improve your team, company, and industry.

Chances are, you have important things to say, and you owe it to your team, your company, and your entire industry to learn how to say them well and make the contributions you can make to the world.

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