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August 6th, 2019

Your company’s HR department handles some of the most important tasks in the entire company: recruiting, hiring and retaining quality employees. These tasks have become more complex in recent years because of new data that has revealed best practices and because of increasing government regulation in this area.

A strong, well-trained HR department can give your company an edge over the competition in attracting and holding on to top talent. In today’s tight labor market where companies often struggle to fill open positions, HR departments have a powerful impact on the company’s functioning and ability to meet goals and objectives.

A quick review of online materials reveals a wide variety of HR methods, all claiming to bring hiring success. Some trumpet using technology to simplify applications and onboarding, while others say it all comes down to professional development opportunities that keep employees invested for better retention. It can be difficult for HR professionals to keep up with new developments in HR and make decisions about which methods can work best for their company’s needs.

In addition, federal, state and local regulations can change on a yearly basis and require changes in the way HR professionals do their jobs in order to comply with these requirements.

Continuing Education for HR Professionals

Continuing education courses are an indispensable resource for HR professionals who want to keep on top of new practices as well as changing regulations. Several national HR organizations offer courses for certification that also require continuing education in order to remain up to date. Even a degree that was obtained just a few short years ago may not be enough to stay abreast of these developments and changes.

Your HR professionals may be able to get by on the knowledge they have, but is getting by really the goal? Continuing education that keeps HR professionals ahead of the curve in their knowledge and skills can go further than keeping up with day-to-day HR needs. If growing leaders is an important goal of your company, continuing HR education is vital to this process.

Classroom filled with adult learners.

Continuing education in HR skills and methods is needed to deal with constant changes in the field.

Investing in the continuing education of your company’s HR professionals is the best way to grow HR leaders that can find you the best possible talent and hold onto your best people for as long as possible. Being informed leads to empowerment of HR leaders need to make improvements in the process that can result in better hiring outcomes, higher productivity, and ultimately a healthier bottom line.

As HR leadership grows, your company will also be better protected from legal consequences that can result from non-compliance with laws and regulations. Such protection can save your company thousands of dollars in fines and other costs, which can cut into your profitability. Isn’t it worth a small investment in continuing education to avoid the possibility of huge penalties. Continuing education just makes fiscal sense for companies that want to make the best use of their resources.

CCSU offers many continuing education HR courses that your future HR leaders can take to build their knowledge base and skills. View our open courses to take the next step in equipping your HR staff.