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December 13th, 2018

Battling for top talent is one of the biggest challenges for HR departments in the current tight labor market. Maybe you don’t have hiring and firing authority in your current role, but learning about recruiting, hiring and firing can help you get promoted or find a new job that may require this understanding of HR practices.

Avoiding Silos

Workplaces in general and higher management positions in particular want to avoid silos, which are unnatural separations between jobs and responsibilities. Instead, many employers are actively looking for well-rounded employees that have many different skills, including HR skills.

There are many uses for HR skills outside that specific department. Managers and team leaders need to know about what constitutes fair treatment for the people they lead, as well as which situations should be referred to the HR department for further discussion or beneifts administration. In the wake of the #metoo movement, it is vital that employees know what constitutes sexual misconduct or harassment so that they can instruct those working for them about avoiding these behaviors as well as avoiding them themselves.

Compliance With Regulations

HR regulations are becoming more and more common. Compliance can be difficult, but it’s essential to comply in order to avoid fines and other negative consequences. Continuing education training in HR practices may help your company’s HR staff ensure compliance and relieve them of the burden of doing all of this training themselves. The more average employees know about HR practices, the smoother things will generally run company-wide.

Continuing education

You can get HR training to enable you to assist with your company’s hiring and staffing.

Another area in which knowledge of HR practices are important is in hiring and staffing. Recruiting is usually not the sole responsibility of the HR department; instead, management and other employees in each department may be chosen to form a hiring team that handles recruiting and interviewing in order to hire new employees in that department.

Handling hiring and recruiting functions requires a good working knowledge of HR functions. Understanding inside versus outside recruiting, learning how to interview people, and understanding what makes the “best fit” for your organization can help you help HR hire the best people – which is good for the entire workforce. Continuing education classes exist to help with exactly these skills.

Serving on a hiring team can have a direct impact on your workplace, allowing you to have input about hiring people who will then become colleagues and co-workers. Whether being on the hiring team gets you a promotion or a raise, it will shape your company in ways that make a big difference. You can also impact salary and benefit offers as well as working conditions such as gig positions or work from home opportunities.

CCSU offers HR training on recruiting and staffing and many HR topics.  View open courses to take advantage of this skill-building opportunity.