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October 31st, 2018

Every business needs a trained workforce, yet not all businesses have the resources to develop and deliver the training programs their employees need. Both in-person trainers and digitally based training programs are expensive and can be beyond the budget of many companies.

And yet, neglecting employees’ professional development will hurt your business in several key ways. Employees without the training they need will be ineffective at their jobs and will cost your business valuable time and money in mistakes and lowered productivity. In addition, a lack of training and professional development increases employee turnover, which is also costly for a business. Employees want continuing training and development, and if they can’t get it from their employer they are likely to look elsewhere for both work and professional development.

It seems as though businesses really have no choice but to provide needed training programs. Investing in your employees is really an investment in your business, and one that will likely pay dividends well beyond the modest investment. But spending money on a full time trainer or an online training program that may not be suited for your needs can be an exercise in futility that will not lead to the benefits you hope for and need.

Professional development

Customized employee training and development can help you retain employees and increase productivity.

Customized Professional Development Can Solve Training Problems

Teaming up with local continuing education offices can help businesses achieve employee training and development goals. Businesses can work with educators to create customized training, including online learning programs. In many cases, continuing education offices already have courses that would meet your business’s training needs. When they don’t, they likely have instructors with the necessary expertise to create the training courses and programs your business needs.

Effective training programs will help you hold on to your current employees and will make them better at what they do, while ineffective training programs will only bore and frustrate your employees. It’s important to find quality training and professional development options that align with your business objectives and fit your company’s needs closely.

A custom solution will help employees feel valued and their time respected. Training can be conducted on site or off site at times that won’t interfere with your day-to-day operations or your employees’ off time. You can get what you truly need, and it may in fact cost less than one-size-fits-all solutions because you aren’t paying for anything you don’t need.

With time-tested approaches, qualified instructors, and institutional support, customized training in partnership with a local continuing education office can be an outstanding option for businesses that want to provide training opportunities for employees but that don’t necessarily have the resources to do it in-house.

CCSU offers customized training from their capable and experienced instructors, all of whom have extensive experience in their field. Training will cover needed information in the most practical and hands-on way possible, and will be grounded in real-world experience so that employees can relate and maintain their interest. View open courses to get a sense of the subjects available for custom trainings and contact CCSU to request more information about custom options.