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Christa Sterling

July 19th, 2017

Human resources professionals now face an increasingly complicated body of regulations and laws that govern hiring and firing employees as well as everything in between. Gone are the days when hiring and firing people were simple. It takes a good deal of knowledge and training to ensure that a company is in compliance with all of these legal requirements.

Why Comply?

Companies who don’t comply with HR regulations and laws may find themselves being sued by employees or fined by government agencies for their lack of cooperation. Avoiding lawsuits and fines is a top motivator for companies to get HR training for their employees and get themselves into compliance with HR laws and regulations.

Another benefit to compliance is the ability to (potentially) qualify for government subsidies or grants. The paperwork for these programs usually includes some kind of proof that the company is in compliance with HR laws and regulations before they will give a subsidy or grant.

Finally, many of the laws and regulations in place today were enacted to make treatment of employees and job candidates fairer and ensure that they are treated well, so compliance will help your company gain or continue to have a reputation in the community for treating its employees well.

Knowledge Precedes Compliance

You can’t comply with regulations and laws you don’t know about, so knowledge is the first step to compliance. Even small businesses are governed by many regulations about which they may not even know. Taking a course like the CCSU Office of Continuing Education’s Employment and the Law, which is part of its HR Certificate Program, will give HR professionals knowledge about discrimination laws, health care regulations, Family and Medical Leave Acts, and labor relations laws.

In-depth knowledge about these things will help HR professionals handle situations in the workplace properly to avoid negative consequences like lawsuits, fines, and penalties that can result from mistakes or a lack of knowledge about what companies need to do to be compliant.

Hands-On Experience Will Build Confidence

Trying to comply with numerous laws and regulations can be nervewracking, especially when faced with an accusation that the company has violated one of them. The CCSU Office of Continuing Education’s Employment and the Law course provides hands-on opportunities to experience situations like an unemployment compensation case, a wage audit, and responding to an attorney’s information request properly.

HR professionals who take this course and others in the HR certificate program will not only have the knowledge they need to ensure that their companies comply with regulations and laws, they will also gain hands-on experience that will help them know what to do when they are faced with an accusation of non-compliance.

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