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Christa Sterling

February 21st, 2018

Having a strong repertoire of transferrable skills – those that can be put to use in multiple work settings and contexts – is a great way to set yourself apart when pursuing professional opportunities. Although you may seek to move to a job that seems very different and may wonder if you have the required qualifications, the new job may in fact involve many of the same skills you use in your current job, in a volunteer position, or even in a hobby you love.

Here are some of the top crossover skills employers want in today’s professionals.

1. Speaking multiple languages.

Being bilingual may open doors for a variety of jobs that deal with the public in areas where a significant number of residents don’t speak English. Spanish is probably the most common language spoken other than English, but in certain areas other languages may also be in demand, including Korean, Mandarin Chinese, and Sanskrit.

2. Project management.

Project management is important in many jobs across different industries, making it a top crossover skill for your next job. Project management encompasses communications and interpersonal skills as well as organization, efficiency, and the ability to work on a deadline. The complex nature of project management makes it a valuable skill to many employers.

3. Public speaking skills.

This skill is useful for jobs like trainer, manager, sales professional, and marketer or public relations person, and can be transferrable between these jobs along with other needed skills. Being well spoken and not intimidated by speaking in front of an audience is a skill many employers will value even when formal presentations aren’t a regular part of the job, and employers may also see a candidate with public speaking skills as having potential for advancement in their succession planning efforts.

4.  Bookkeeping/budgeting skills.

These skills are useful not only in entry level positions where you may be assisting management in tracking spending and planning a budget, but they are also useful when you get promoted and have direct responsibility for these tasks. Even if you end up delegating bookkeeping and budgeting to your assistant, you will have to look over their work and make sure the figures are right and that they make sense and fit with the company’s goals.

5. Computer literacy and basic skills using common programs.

A large majority of professional jobs today require computer skills of some kind. Computers are used to communicate with colleagues and co-workers, to complete tasks related to the specific position, and to store information that will be used in the job. The more you can learn about different computer software, the more comfortable you will feel using computers and the more qualified you will be for jobs that require computer skills of all kinds.

CCSU’s Continuing Education department offers many courses designed to teach transferrable skills like how to use particular computer programs, speak foreign languages, and learn project management techniques.  To join our mailing list, email or call 860-832-2277.  Stay on top of all the new and recurring courses we offer to help build on your existing skills and make them even more attractive to employers.